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Report of SPD Vinaashak in action
Report from GTSC Meitner, unknown system, cataloguing effect of Subspace Resonance Cannon on inhabited world. Target planet matches Earth parameters (size, mass, climate, magnetic field strength) by nearly 99%.

Shivan Juggernaut designated SPD Vinaashak closed to within 20,000 km before firing. Target area was an island continent near the planet's equator with a land area approximately twice that of Australia on Earth. The beam was fired continuously for slightly over 5 minutes.

1 second after beam impact (ABI): Magnitude 10 earthquake registered at impact site

5 seconds ABI: Magnitude 5+ earthquakes registered across entire planetary surface

10s ABI: Magnitude of earthquakes at impact site reaches 13. Magnitude 8+ earthquakes registered across entire planetary surface. Continental crust starts to fracture at impact site.

15s ABI: Magnitude 10+ earthquakes registered across entire planetary surface. Megatsunamis form in oceans and other sizable bodies of water. 90% of volcanoes on the planet begin erupting.

30s ABI: Continent at beam impact site breaks apart, creating massive fissures in planetary crust. All active, dormant, and previously extinct volcanoes on the planet now erupting. Magnitude 13+ earthquakes registered across entire planetary surface.

45s ABI: Other continents begin to break apart. Large areas of planetary crust are subsumed into the mantle, exposing continental-size oceans of lava to the surface.

1 minute ABI: All surface water has boiled off. Aside from the tops of several exceptionally tall mountains, entire planetary surface is buried under 2+ kilometers of molten lava. All planetary life presumed dead.

2m ABI: Earthquakes register magnitude 15+ across entire planetary surface. Planetary crust completely destroyed. Large amounts of upper mantle material violently ejected into space.

3m ABI: Planetary core shattered. Planet has lost 15% of its mass and is deformed into an oblong shape.

5m ABI: Earthquakes register magnitude 18+ across entire planetary surface. Planet's gravity can no longer hold it together and it completely breaks apart into a molten asteroid field orbiting its parent star. Shivan beam ceases firing.

SPD Vinashaak seemed to be consumed by the expanding debris field, but further sensor readings show that the vessel is still intact, although all of its power is currently routed to its shield system.

The alien civilization that formerly inhabited the planet is now likely extinct, unless they have offworld colonies as yet undiscovered by the Shivans. We will continue to monitor the situation via long-range sensor scans. Our stealth system appears to be effective, as there is no indication that we have yet been detected. GTSC Meitner, out.
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