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Rebellion of Fire - A FreeSpace 2 campaign draft by ChatGPT
Heyya guys,

so, do not saw anything about that in this forum. But well, i also tried out ChatGPT a bit and well, with much input from me it came out with a FreeSpace 2 campaign in the end. However without any missions unfortunately as it is unable to proper create .fs2 files :lol:

But well, want to share the results.

Input data was the general idea behind this campaign. The Freespace 2 Node Map at the time of "Surrender, Belisarius!", Data about all vasudan and terran and neo-terran ships (so type, speed, hitpoints, turrets and number of beams on capital ships) and named ships aswell all available mentioned people and their role in the game.

The initial input data was however this one:
Can you write me a story script for a campaign for the video game "FreeSpace 2", which have between 10 to 15 missions? I would like to have a story with a female protagonist, who is transferred to several squadrons in the course of the campaign, which however have different tasks in their missions. The campaign should take place at the time of the NTF rebellion and the protagonist should also be a NTF pilot. However, the campaign should not exceed 15 missions.

Title: "Rebellion of Fire"

The protagonist is Lieutenant Maria Hernandez, an experienced NTF (Neo-Terran Front) pilot and the first female pilot to become the squadron leader for the Shark elite squadron on the NTD Cyrene.

Mission 1: "An ordinary flight"
Hernandez arrives on the NTD Cyrene in Alpha Centauri and is part of the Cobra squadron. The story begins with a training flight with her and another wing, during which she is attacked by a GTVA squadron with GTF Myrmidon and GTF Hercules Mark II. Although they are able to successfully fend off the squadron, one of her wingman is seriously damaged beyond repair and has to stay behind while another GTVA squadron with GTF Perseus appears. Hernandez is shaken at how cruel the war is.

Mission 2: "Reconnaissance"
Hernandez is assigned to a reconnaissance flight to gather information about an enemy station. The GTSC Faustus serves as a communications center for the GTVA in Alpha Centauri and must be taken out to prevent further enemy activity. The communications center is however guarded by a wing of GTF Myrmidon.

Mission 3: "Supply for the Cause"
Hernandez and her wing are assigned to an escort mission to protect a couple NTT Argo and NTT Elysium transport ships carrying vital supplies in Sirius. The convoy is attacked by several enemy GVF Tauret and GVB Bakha wings and Hernandez with her wing must demonstrate her skills as a fighter pilot to fend off the enemies.

Mission 4: "Bombing Run"
Hernandez is transferred to the Blood Dragon Squadron and flies as a bomber pilot and must attack and destroy a GTI Arcadia that serves as a base for enemy attacks in Alpha Centauri. Several GTF Perseus and GVF Horus wings are on patrol and on stand by, also one GTC Aeolus and GVC Mentu cruiser are on station, during the attack a GTCv Deimos corvette jump in to protect the installation. However a NTCv Deimos will be scrambled to finish the attack against the reinforcements.

Mission 5: "End of Line"
Hernandez is once again part of an attack team that is tasked to attack an GTVA shipyard in Alpha Centauri that serves as a production base for GTVA ships. This shipyard has one GTI Arcadia and several GTI Ganymede as well unfinished Leviathan and Aeolus cruisers. Hernandez flies as a support pilot and must protect the bomber wings in their attack, as the shipyard is protected by several wings of GTF Myrmidon, GTF Hercules Mark II and GVF Serapis and two GTC Aeolus.

Mission 6: "Cleaning Crew"
Hernandez is transferred to the Bird of Prey squadron and her wing is attacked by several wings of GTF Hercules Mark II. She has to fight a tough battle against the enemies, where nearly all her wingmen die. However the GTF Hercules Mark II get under attack by superior unknown enemy GTF Ares which also kill all remaining of Hernandez wingmen. Hernandez survives only badly damaged as the GTF Ares retreat when the NTD Cyrene show up.

Secret Mission 1: "Secret Information"
Hernandez is sent alone on a secret mission in the Vasuda system to gather information about the Unknown ships that attacked both NTF and GTVA in the last mission. She infiltrates a GTVA outpost in a NTF Loki to scan the unknown GTF Ares fighter in the GTI Arcadia's hangar bay and obtains valuable information that the NTF can use in their war.

Secret Mission 2: "Interception".
Hernandez is sent on another secret mission in Deneb to intercept and destroy an important GTVA convoy carrying valuable materials. The wing must act quickly to track down and attack the convoy before it reaches a safe zone which is protected by the GVD Psamtik and its fleet.

Mission 7: "Preemptive Strike"
After the eradication of the Bird of Prey squadron, she is transferred to the Shark Squadron as second-in-command. Hernandez and her squadron are tasked with assaulting a GTVA fleet located near a NTI Arcadia installation in Sirius. The fleet poses a threat to the NTF and must be destroyed. The mission proves difficult as the GTVA fleet under leadership of a GTD Hecate is well-defended. However only a few ships can be finally destroyed, as most of them jump out after they took moderate damage.

Mission 8: "Counterstrike"
The NTD Cyrene come under attack by a GTVA attack force, which also consists of surviving ships from the last mission. Hernandez and her wings must defend the Cyrene and repel the enemy attack.

Secret Mission 3: "Back to Enemy Territory"
Hernandez is sent on a secret mission to Vasuda again to infiltrate enemy territory and gather critical information about upcoming GTVA reinforments near the Deneb jump node. At the end of the mission she must overcome enemy defenses and fighters to reach the Deneb jump node to survive.

Secret Mission 4: "Back to Home"
Hernandez returns to the NTD Cyrene in her effort to deliver the gathered intelligence from the last mission. However she has countless pursuers behind her and so the NTD Cyrene comes under heavy attack by a vasudan GTVA fleet with several GVCv Sobek, GVF Serapis, GVF Tauret, GVB Sekhmet and GVB Bakha wings. After she delivered the intelligence, Hernandez must once again prove her skills as a pilot.

Mission 9: "Assault"
Hernandez and her wing are tasked to work together with the Cobra squadron in an assault on a enemy GTI Arcadia in the Deneb system that serves as a launching point for enemy attacks. The assault is successful, but Hernandez witnesses her squadron leader fall in battle due to GTF Perseus reinforcements that jump in right behind him.

Mission 10: "Their finest Hour"
Hernandez is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the new squadron commander of the Shark squadron. She must lead her squadron to repel an enemy GTVA assault on the Sirius system. The assault is well-planned and the GTVA employs heavy weapons with destroyers, corvettes and cruisers, but Hernandez and her squadron fight bravely and are able to repel the assault.

Mission 11: "Smoke and Mirror"
After the Sirius battle, Hernandez is given a secret mission to uncover an unknown mining operation in the Deneb system. She discovers a shocking truth that changes everything she knew about the NTF rebellion.

Mission 12: "Faith"
Hernandez must decide which side she stands on. She and her squadron is ordered to intercept a small GTVA strike force under lead of the GTC Trinity. During the mission the GTC Trinity announced to defect to the NTF and Rear Admiral Koth orders Hernandez personally to protect the GTC Trinity to the Sirius Jump Node. Hernandez can decide if she follow the order and continue her fight for the NTF or leave this war behind.

So for an AI generated campaign some interesting things happen in this ChatGPT draft. Actually it has a mission that is meant to be the Sirius Offensive from the CBrief in "The Sixth Wonder". It also references to Bosch's Ancients plot which is disguised as the NTF rebellion, even it happens out of order. Also it has some interconnected missions including own versions of "Playing Judas" and "Into the Lion's Den".
However it created 16 instead of 15 missions... but well.

Well... i know there was the idea of an dynamic campaign generator for FreeSpace2 by Bryan See (or was it woutersmits?)... maybe that thing is indeed only a few years away  :D


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Re: Rebellion of Fire - A FreeSpace 2 campaign draft by ChatGPT
Interesting.  A lot of it looks plausible, but it doesn't hold up to scrutiny.  It's parroting a lot of decent campaign ideas, but there's no depth.  I'd like to see if it might be possible to improve with more guidance and refinement.


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Re: Rebellion of Fire - A FreeSpace 2 campaign draft by ChatGPT
Interesting, and thank you for doing this. It could be a useful tool for generating ideas which could be expanded upon by a hooman 😊
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Re: Rebellion of Fire - A FreeSpace 2 campaign draft by ChatGPT
That's awesome! I was going to start playing around with chatGPT too so this has inspired me!