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Re: Pointless debug warnings
EDIT: Category warning pull request:
is appreciated

Everything in data/sounds should be mono (unless you're doing some fancy mainhall stuff). At the very least, converting everything in there to mono won't hurt anything.

I only have the bare minimum knowledge about sound stuff, so I get a bit anxious about the idea of downgrading every single sound file to mono. I dont want to endure audiophile complaining...

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Re: Pointless debug warnings
The only sound files where stereo will make a noticeable difference are background music and very elaborate mainhall setups (where you can have background sounds pan across the channels or something). Everything else in data/sounds will be weapon or ship effects or interface beeps; these can be mono without anyone noticing a difference.
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Re: Pointless debug warnings
I made some changes to how the 3D sound warning is displayed so that the warning is only shown if the mod explicitly specified that it supports version 3.8.0 of the engine. This can be done with the $Target Version option which has the default value of 2.0 so if this option is not present then the warning will be downgraded to a log print.