Author Topic: Can scripts affect hotkey target lists?  (Read 1362 times)

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Can scripts affect hotkey target lists?
I've not done any scripting yet but I'm hoping to learn.  I thought I'd ask first whether this stuff is possible already, and if not I might see if implementing them is within my skill reach.

I need to:
  • Check whether a ship is in the hotkey target list (F5 - F12)
  • Add a ship to a hotkey list
  • Remove a ship from the hotkey list
  • Select/activate a hotkey list
For the last three, I suppose I could just have the script pass the key commands?  Is there a downside to that method?

Oh, it would be also nice to be able to get a color from the iff_defs table.



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Re: Can scripts affect hotkey target lists?
Well... I think there is not yet access to the hotkeys. But then again it shouldn't be that difficult to write one.

As for the colors.. those would be nice but iirc there is a big warning (no idea why) in one of the graphics to warn against retrieving the color data. It would be very useful if that could be sorted out
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