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Script request: Shots left in Burst
Here's the thing,
The player has a primary weapon that has burst 3 defined with a short burst delay. The weapon can be shot 3 times rapidly before it goes on its fire wait. This is how burst weapons work and its great etc etc.
But the player is in the blind on how many shots he has left before the weapon reloads. Now with a 3 burst weapon its easy enough to keep count. But when you go higher than that it becomes increasingly difficult.

So I was wondering if maybe scripting could provide a solution here. A hud gauge that keeps track on how many burst shots are left in the player's weapon. Would that be possible?

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Re: Script request: Shots left in Burst
Basically this looks like it won't be hard as long as you need it only for specific weaponclasses (so the class name can be added directly into the script). A gauge ready to use and a table + weapon might be good for testing purposes. I can't remember having any mod on my disk that has burst type weapons.
Ah yes... I hope hv.User for $On Weapon Fired: or $On Primary Fire: returns something - never used any of these conditions. If not I would have no idea how to get who shoots the darn thing :D
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