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Scripting access to AI goals
I would like to enable and code scripting access to the ai goals list to check which goals are currently queued up. Someone had already created the basic elements some time ago but made then unusable.
Now is there anyone interested and/or would like to see a specific functionality? I'm open for any suggestions.

This is what I currently have (taken from scripting.html):

        Ship handle

            shiporders Shiporders = shiporders
                Array of ship orders
                Value: Ship orders, or invalid handle if ship handle is invalid

        order handle

            number Priority = number
                Priority of the given order
                Value: Order priority or 0 if invalid

            boolean remove()
                Removes the given order from the ship's priority queue.
                Returns: True if order was successfully removed, otherwise false or nil.

            enumeration getGoal()
                Gets the order enumeration
                Returns: Enumeration or invalid enumeration if handle is invalid.

            object Target = object
                Target of the order. Value may also be a derivative of the 'object' class, such as 'ship'.
                Value: Target object or invalid object handle if order handle is invalid or order requires no target.

            subsystem TargetSubsystem = subsystem
                Target subsystem of the order.
                Value: Target subsystem, or invalid subsystem handle if order handle is invalid or order requires no subsystem target.

        Ship orders

            number #
                Number of ship orders
                Returns: Number of ship orders, or 0 if handle is invalid

            order [] number Index
                Array of ship orders
                Returns: Order, or invalid order handle on failure

            boolean isValid()
                Detects whether handle is valid
                Returns: true if valid, false if handle is invalid, nil if a syntax/type error occurs

Here goes scripting and copy paste coding
Freespace RTS Mod
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Re: Scripting access to AI goals
I want. But you already know why.
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