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*waves whilst offering voice acting capabilities*


offering my voice-acting capabilities to anyone willing.

here are some examples...

some spoofs... yeah, yeah, i know...

bonus :p

mail: pecenipicek [aaaat]
msn: pecenipicek[aaaaaaasdrt]
ICQ: 324763891   -note that i'm very rarely on ICQ.

I'll volunteer my voice when the colossus is deployed against a sath, with "i'm gonna **** you up"
I listened to all of them, i like the french one. The one that was really cool was the goauld thing.

i blame my british friend and drunken stupor of both of us on doing that :p

i guess that my voice could be sounding rather well goauld-ized

Pilot Of The US:
The Jacob Marshall ones sounded russian to me... good work comrade!

i am croatian. croatian and russian are in the same language group. slavenic languages.

most of people who are native slavenic language speakers have some difficulties with some accents whilst talking in english, for example, that accented "r" :D

whee. the jacob marshall samples were for... ummm... rogue intentions i think. i forgot by now..


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