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Basically it does what it says.  Mongoose gets to be the moderator since he requested it. :D

If you'd like to voice act, post an audition and your contact details here.  If you need voice actors, post here.  I envision this as sort of a "flea market" where people can come to exchange tips, ideas, and voice acting services.  If you want to go in a different direction, though, that's up to you. :)

hehe :D

first one offering services :p

Many thanks to you, Goober. :)

I'm thinking it will probably be best to organize all of the VA contact information in a single sticky post. at least when (if?) we get a few more people posting info.  When that point comes, I'll go through and glean out the necessary information, so for now, individual threads should be fine.  It's great to see something like this finally getting off the ground; I hope it'll be a great help to any FREDders out there looking to get their campaigns voiceacted.

Terrific. As soon as we get the new thread going, I can give some people a heads-up for this. Can we also have a recommendations thread as well, for project leaders or peers to give their opinion or backing of a particular actor? :)

That sounds reasonable, as long as it doesn't involve things along the lines of "Mongoose sucks!" :p


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