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Some samples!

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Pilot Of The US:
Well here is a sample me and a friend did. How good are they? (they have been modified to sound like it's come out of a radio).

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the first one sounds japanese  :wtf:
whilst the second one is just cheeeeeesaay :p :D

It sounds like if you try avoiding accents, or just not making the southern accent quite as thick, your voice would be excellent. If we could have a sample that's unaccented or only slightly accented it would be more fair to judge. :)

The southern clip isn't terrible in terms of voice quality or tone; the accent is just a little over the top.

The second one make me want to nail your hide to the outhouse :p

Pilot Of The US:
 :P LOL and here i was thinking that the southern one was excellent...

Maybe I should put up some unaccented ones.


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