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Voiceacting for Phantoms

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Blaise Russel:
Another day, another FS1-era micro-campaign.

Six parts again, six voiceactors needed. I can do the last one remaining, so I need five kind volunteers to generously lend me their voices.

Player's Commander - Darkblade

GTD Amadeus - Cobra

Sigma 1 - Nix

Sigma 3 - Getter Robo G

Theta 1 and PVD Temperance

Taurus 1 and GTC Salieri

Ogg mono format would be great. I'll handle all post-processing, it's what I got Goldwave for.

Also, I could still do with a voice actor for Echo Gate. Four lines, is all.

Thanks for your time.

If you want, I could reprise the Player's Commander part. :)

Blaise Russel:
I would like that very much. :)

Getter Robo G:
If you don't mind, I'd like a go at Sigma three. I probably won't be able to record the lines till tomorrow morning though (if you find them acceptable that is)...

Blaise Russel:


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