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Voice Actors Wanted


Project information - Voice actors are needed for a mod on a videogame called FreeSpace 2.

Audition deadline - There is no deadline but we will cast as soon as we found people that are good enough for the voices that we need.

Recording and Contact information
-Record in .wav format and put them in a zip file. MP3s are OK but our team prefer WAVs.
-Save the lines as "charactername_yourname_linenumber.wav" (ex: Terranlucifer_fsweb_01.wav)
-Send your auditions to 3dcreator at mts dot net


Name: Terran Lucifer
Age: middle-aged man
Audition line 1: "The Parvati has been destroyed! Stay here, Pilots. This is only the beginning." Do do it as if you have just destroyed an enemy ship.
Audition line 2: "You probably know what's going on now, Pilots, but here's our situation in case you forgot. Yesterday at exactly 1025 hours, a large Shivan battle group advanced into Ross 128, neutralizing Riviera II Station and every allied ship in its path. This attack surprised the GTVA, so it scrambled destroyers into Delta Serpentis to prevent the Shivan battle group from advancing further into GTVA space."


Name: Terran Pilot
Age: young man or woman
Audition line 1: "The Shakti is down! That's another Shivan cruiser for the scrap heaps!". Again, do it as if you have just destroyed an enemy ship.

There are more characters but use the above lines for auditioning.

Include in your email which part you would want to play as.

List of received auditions:
Rob (from another forum)
Azure (casted from another forum)
kmc (casted from another forum)


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