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since this didn't get much attention on the VBB...

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I'll bring it to your attention and you can post your comments here.

in short: AWACS, Thunder, HLP Staph, I would like your opinion to see if this would be good.

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I've got some good ideas for it. As it happens, I have some Shivan ships lying around, and was going to construct a Shivan-centred mini campaign with IceFire. Email me at  [email protected]  for more details, and tell me what you have planned exactly.  

Jake Logan:
sounds cool to me.

I like it.......would be interesting parallel universe.

I read what you wrote on VBB before coming here, but never responded.

Im one of those, read and not respond type dudes, hence the low post counts on the vbb.

Maybe i shld change that, hmmmmmmm

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Bit of advice, make a list of every ship and weapon in the FS universe and figure out which would remain the same, which would be altered and which would never happen.  Any you're not sure about put on this forum.

Here's an alternative.  Why don't you make a campaign where the 2nd Shivan War (or whatever you want to call it) didn't happen.  The tech would still be around and you'd still have a wealth of stories to make.

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