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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
I didn't know about this until today...reading this thread was the first I heard of Herkie's passing.  It was also sad to hear about his mother passing.  The last time I talked with Herkie on FB was perhaps about a couple months ago...his mother was very sick then and they thought she wouldn't make it at that point but then it looked like she recovered.

Like his campaigns or not, one can't deny he was one of the most passionate people here about FS campaigns.  You could feel in them that he cared and I think that's one of the things people like about campaigns...that there was some true passion put in.

He was a great person and will be missed.  I definitely enjoyed the original The Aftermath and its remake AFR.  We didn't always agree on the development of AFR2 (aka TBG), but it was good to have the opportunity to work on developing that with him as well.


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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
Herkie was a great guy and will be dearly missed.  It was a pleasure to know him and to see the sheer volume and ambition of what he produced.  My condolences to him and his family.


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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
It always amazed me how Herkie was able to overcome significant external technical hurdles and release two massive ambitious campaigns. That's the very definition of passion as far as I'm concerned. From what Herkie said, he underwent traumatic events in his past, and this sounds like an absolute tragedy. Rest in peace, and thank you for sharing your talents with us.


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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
Rest in Peace sweet Prince; you were too good for this World


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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
Very sorry to hear about this. RIP.
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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
My condolences to family, friends and everybody else who liked him.
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Re: RELEASE: The Aftermath Reboot
Rest in peace you wonderful, creative man.
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