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The United Pirate Coalition

Their presence was sighted by border patrols one year after the Capella Supernova in the outer reaches of the Altair system --- a report of several Leviathan and Fenris class cruisers emerging from an asteroid belt in that region. Two weeks later, a mining convoy carrying ferrocite minerals was ambushed leaving no survivors. Only days following that event, a number of passenger transports were hi-jacked and no one was left alive again. These occurrences became rampant and these were no longer isolated incidents; way stations, supply depots and civilian installations were ransacked in neighboring star systems. The unknown aggressors were methodical and precise in their strikes and no traces were found in their wake just debris, dead bodies and smoke. They were deadly predators silently waiting in the shadows. For over a year, the centralized police had compiled almost a thousand of these incident reports and it was indeed a growing concern for the local enforcers who, at that point, admittedly felt that they were no longer adequate to counter this cruel menace. The Vega police superintendent, Robert Prescott convened with Admiral William Cartwright and Colonel Christopher Snipes of the GTVI and sought their aid to investigate the outer rim asteroid belt in Altair. Although Cartwright was reluctant to commit the entire 11th Fleet to this undertaking and Snipe refused the request because Altair was beyond Prescott's jurisdiction, the admiral assigned six Deimos corvettes to compliment the police raiding fleet and the colonel secretly assigned some of SOC's expert navigators to this operation. The passage through the dangerous asteroid field was a navigational nightmare. Two of the corvettes and one Hyperion cruiser were incapacitated and were forced to fall back for repairs. The fleet was searching through the dense badlands for many months and found nothing but a few dozen of inactive sentry guns and seven abandoned pirate bases. The results proved only one thing; their quarry was long gone. Until one day, a shocking news was received and quivered the chamber halls of the High Council; the Deneb system was overrun.