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*pokes NTV*


Command, this is Alpha 1. It looks like the campaign is dead. Orders?
Alpha 1, see if you can fly into it's fighterbay.
*flies to fighterbay only to hit invisible wall while another wing flies out*
Alpha 1, we disabled your jump drives for a few moments. They'll be working soon. Kill the fighters.

EDIT: I forgot the part about being discovered! *smacks head*

And it was an interesting campaign too.

Command: A warship, named the HLD (hard light destroyer) JR2000Z has exited subspace. Pilot, get out of there! Those HLP folk are deadly!
*Lucifer blows up*
*Alpha 1 killed by an annoying ship with blue spinning thingies*

Yeah, is this project pulling a Reciprocity?

I hope not... Reciprocity was one of the coolest campaigns ever, and I was looking forward 2 it...:( :( :(  I wish that somebody could re-do it... *sniffle*


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