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Q. Who the hell is Alcibiades?

A. Alcibiades was Athenian statesman and military advisor in the Peloponnesian War. He switched his allegiances from Athens to Sparta, helping them fight against

    Athens. After making enemies in Sparta, he leaves to join the Persians. For those still unsure, Alcibiades is supposed to mean Aken Bosch.

Q. What's Alcibiades' Gamble about?

A. Alcibiades' Gamble is the story of the NTF rebellion in and around Sirius. It is told from the point of view of the GTVA pilots  who fought the war up until the start

    of the FS2 main story. The story deals directly with the loss of all the systems to the NTF and the damage sustained up until the first fights of FS2 main.

Q. What do I need to play Alcibiades' Gamble?

A. Alcibiade's Gamble will require a 3.6.10 build. We recommend the latest nightly build.

Q. Are there any mods?

A. The demo contains a few minor graphical mods, including a gorgeous planet created by Rodo.

Q. Are there any Shivans?

A. Nope, Alcibiades' Gamble tells the the story of the NTF rebellion from the standpoint of GTVA pilots. The Shivans don't appear  until FS2 Main.

Q. Are there any open positions on the AG team?

A. Of course! Please visit our website to see about open positions.

Q. I found a bug or error, what do I do?

A. Firstly, congratulate yourself. Secondly, post the error and solution if you know it in the public forum here.

Q. Isn't it "Alcibiades's"?

A. No, shut up. Lalala can't hear you.
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Cool, new project around! :D
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Although you should expand the story until the NTF war really ends. Means including a parallel tale of the first half of FS2.
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Although you should expand the story until the NTF war really ends. Means including a parallel tale of the first half of FS2.

It will, but I didn't want to make a 40-50 mission campaign. It would never get released. The second part covers up to the end of the NTF.


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And it would also violate terms of hosting.


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Computer generated voice: "Please review mission objectives."

-Get in Alpha 1's way.

-Get destroyed by Alpha 1.

-Restart mission.


Anyways... looks very interesting, I'll be sure to try this out. o_o


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I would love to see a NTF-based campaign that is solely about assassinating the "GTVA's Superjuggernaut in a fighter", Alpha 1.
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That is JAD2. Well, part of it.


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I suspect than an unlocked FAQ thread will only be the breeding ground for more tangential ramblings. 
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