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Ah ha, well that explains it all. Cheers on clearing that stuff up! Almost gave me a shock  :p

Those screenshots are quite beautiful it must be said; shows how far FSOpen has come in the past few years! Totally mezmerised by that planet texture! :yes:

I actually love having strong light/dark contrast like that; it can make things hard to make out sometimes, but for me it makes things feel more gritty and real (even though i imagine real space isn't actually that dark, so you could call it 'over-realistic' i suppose), and there's always the techroom to admire the ships; in mission your usually too busy dodging and shooting stuff to go sightseeing. :lol:

I think I found enough desktop background images to keep me happy for a few months.  :D

It's nice to hear that, Sifle :)

nice pics there.  :yes:


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