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But... I still want to know, what's up with the Shivans in Syrk :(

I feel for you and definitely understand the challenges there are in making a campaign for FS2, as I'm working on a campaign myself. I hope you'll use the coming time to rest and figure things out for yourself. Perhaps, and hopefully, you'll feel the itch to get back into things and brainstorm new ideas you never thought of before. Taking a distance from something you're making, to return later, can be a good way to improve as well.

Either way, don't feel down, you made a good attempt to make a original story and setting. It's better to try and fail than not try at all. ;)

Good luck with everything either way!

Lucika i hear act 1 was almost complete. Would you care prehaps to release what's already been done?


--- Quote from: starlord on October 15, 2012, 03:34:30 am ---Lucika i hear act 1 was almost complete. Would you care prehaps to release what's already been done?

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The team seemed to have plans to continue development but there seems to be no one who has the time and energy to take the helm. If that won't happen, we've been planning of creating an asset dump and I was also going to release the full storyline for better or worse. If there is no progress on this front any time soon, I'll try my best to organise a release of sorts.

Also, I'd like to hereby thank everyone for the nice comments! :) It's been a blast working on Syrk for all these years, even if things didn't pan out the way we hoped they would.

It seems that most of my old posts are inexplicably missing.

--- Quote from: Lucika on October 07, 2010, 02:27:24 pm ---Background story

Humanity only colonized Sol yet and is only able to make intrasystem jumps AND only fighters and bombers can use it. These guys've divided in 4 (you will see this in the first missions campaign briefing), and fighting with each other. In time, they'll colonize Delta Serpentis, and they'll reach a non-canon system called Syrk...
In Syrk they find a Knossos portal and... a lot of Shivans. They almost die there and all evidence of Syrk is dumped - until the second campaign - and in the very end, humanity finally allies under the name of GTA.

Run-through of factions; possible M1 "briefing"

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--- Quote from: Lucika on November 09, 2010, 06:13:44 pm ---Some of you already know this. I forgot to carry this over from GW. The story of Syrk won't be fully told with this campaign only.

I originally planned the story of Syrk to be a trilogy. I

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I had a 2-3 sentence synopsis for a 180 mission story arc. Never expected to complete it fully but the story was there. I was going to share it but the goddamn thing seems to be gone now for some reason. As for releasing the current assets, my lack of FS technical expertise and my inability to bug others with it anymore, I would love it to be done but since no one offered assistance with it when I posted about it on the internal, I don't think it will be done.


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