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Hey Greywolf, don't know if you will read this, but send me (michael sisler) or deadmeat (Charles Abdouch) a message through Facebook and we can get you hooked up with the BC page there.  I have been on a kick lately trying to find old BC members and get them all back together :)

Hey guys, are there any updates on FringeSpace or Freespace ?

Unfortunately not. Many of us have been busy with personal life and I have been working on my own personal mod. I have hit several snags with current FringeSpace assets and will be attempting to get them working over the next few months.

Also, I would like to ask that you post in the Random Status Updates thread when asking about updates.

I've been without video cards as well, which is hardly any way to try to work on model assets.
I'm in the process of cleaning up my disaster mess called a work environment, and deal with real life finances, as well as some family health issues,
so it's unfortunately pulling the short stick for the mod in recent months.

I know Z has also been looking for work and trying to get off dialup internet pretty much.

We do have some people working slowly in the background, and some of the SCP related things as of late are encouraging as we'll need them.

We're still here, just other things eating up our time.


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