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--- Quote from: TopAce on February 06, 2014, 03:05:22 am ---Thanks. :yes:

On a general note: If you think you have a low-end machine, don't run syrk_8.fs2. It might crash your system. It did mine.

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god that was a monster

So, uh...
Which mission follows after the first one? Syrk_10 or Syrk_2? Neither has any reference to anything in the first mission.

EDIT: Disregard all that. Found the thread where it's explained. It's, obviously, Syrk_2.

I'm not sure syrk_10 even works :P
--- Quote from: Mobius on February 06, 2014, 06:04:12 am ---
X3NO, I believe the first post of this thread should be edited. Community members like me who haven't monitored progress have no idea what the project is really about and absolutely don't know what kind of files are stored in this asset dump. The announcement of closure thread doesn't really provide an accurate description of this dump, either. Just a suggestion.

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Yeah, I thought about that before posting, but in order to be able to give an accurate idea of what's inside, I would have had to dive into it myself, which I didn't had time for. Basically I just thought "hey, I wonder if I could zip up & upload Syrk on mediafire", without giving it too much thought.

Now, on top of my head, I would say that this asset dump contains:
- Really pretty shockwaves
- Palette-swapped textures of exisiting community models
- SoL's OST, which has already been released
- About 30ish missions in varying states of completion
- Various weapons effects

I would be grateful if other members of the team could tell what I'm missing (still don't have time to properly analyse what's in the mod folder).

EDIT - Altered the first post.


If you look in the missions folder there is a campaign file with the program portion altered.  Syrk_act1.fsk or something like that.  if you just rename it to syrk_act1.fc2 you can use it.  It doesn't have the last two missions in it but syrk_19 and syrk_20 could be added via the campaign editor.


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