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Black Wolf:
So, these have been in progress for some time, but I finally got around to finalising the final variant the other day, so, in keeping with Frontlines' open development policy, I give you not one, not two, but three variants of the GTGs Titan.

--- Quote ---The Titan Gunship is among the newest ships in the Terran arsenal, with the first batch having been deployed only twelve months before the commencement of hostilities with the Vasudans. Equipped with a pair of rotating light Fusion mortar turrets, its anti-ship damage output is comparable to that the main weapon of a Fenris cruiser, although its considerably smaller magazine means that, in ship to ship combat, its endurance may be an issue. However, though equipped to tackle Vasudan capital ships, the primary mission of the Titan is anti-fighter. Its port and starboard batteries of heat seeking missiles are optimised to engage small strikecraft, both in defence of larger vessels and in offensive roles.

Critical to the Titan's role as a fighter-killer is its subspace drive. At this time, the Titan is the smallest combat vessel that the GTA can equip with a subspace drive. This mobility allows fleet commanders to deploy Titans ahead of larger vessels to clear the way or, as is becoming more and more common, to use these vessels as reinforcements, deploying them to bolster the defences of a beleagured capital ship, or to assist a fighter group when facing a numerically superior opponent in deep space.

Though only in service a relatively short time, many fighter pilots already owe their lives to the timely intervention of a Titan and its crew.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The Assault Titan (or Heavy Titan) is a refit of the standard model Titan Gunship, optimised to eliminate Vasudan capital ships. Although the Assault Titan retains the paired, rotating light Fusion Mortar turrets, its offensive anti-ship are augmented by a magazine of forty Minotaur class torpedoes, and eight independent torpedo launchers. Although limited in endurance thanks to its relatively small magazine, and completely reliant on friendly fighters or escorting capital ships to provide anti-fighter cover, the Assault Titan is capable of delivering the most powerful broadside of any vessel in the Terran Armada.

Much like the standard Titan, the Assault Titan is equipped with the GTA's smallest and most modern subspace drive, giving it the tactical flexibilty to both be embedded as a support vessel for larger vessels, like the Fenris class cruiser, or to operate independent of other vessels, supporting fighter groups or opportunitically attacking vulnerable Vasudan assets.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The Recon Titan is the most modern and specialised refit of the standard model Titan Gunship currently in service. Designed as a subspace capable reconnaissance platform, the Titan-R has had much of its armament and armour removed, in favour of highly advanced, custom designed sensor systems. These modifications make the Recon Titan uniquely suited for intelligence gathering, both before and after battle.

With all of the missile weapons of the standard ship removed to make way for sensors and a more powerful reactor, the Titan-R is not a combat craft, despite being built on the frame of a warship. That said, the vessel is not completely defenceless, with its improved power output allowing it to mount 4 light plasma cannons. In addition, the removal of internal munitions, the majority of its weapons systems and its heavy armour have resulted in a significant boost to acceleration, speed and manoeuvrability. These are the vessels greatest assets, as a Titan-R will almost always be deployed in short bursts, with orders to jump in, scan an area and jump out as soon as its jump drive is charged. If at all possible, combat is to be avoided. Given its high cost, advanced technology and tactical value, the GTA considers this class of vessel to be of the highest defensive priority.
--- End quote ---
So, the Titan essentially fills a number of roles in Frontlines. The standard Titan is basically included in place of subspace capable fighters. When things are going bad, and you need reinforcements, command can send one of these in to help instead of a carrier with more fighters. It's also the "light cruiser" role that the Fenris will eventually fill when things get much bigger later in the war.

The Heavy Titan is more like a strike bomber. You call one in when you need to put some hurt on a hostile capship, since fighters aren't particularly good at that early in the war. They can do a lot of damage quickly, but their endurance is poor.

The recon Titan is essentially the best they could do during the early Terran-Vasudan war for rapid recon. They have Miss Muffet Probes, but they're meant for lob observability and their sensors are more about compactness than quality. The Recon Titan has top of the line sensors, and a quick charging subspace drive to make use of them - it's designed to get in, scan the area and get out, before fighters could do that job later on.

In terms of usage outside of FL, I'd imagine that the Terrans will end up refitting them later inthe war, but you will have to modify the tables for that. ;) Enjoy!


Sweet!  Fits the role of pre-fenris really well!

I can't wait to check it out when I get back home. Looks sweet!

Yay, I can finally feature screenshots with it :D (the assault Titan is featured in Of Shivans and Men as GTC Ratatoskr)

Thanks for the release

Looks cool :)


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