Author Topic: [SOLVED?]Linux Install Issue making fs2_open  (Read 716 times)

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[SOLVED?]Linux Install Issue making fs2_open

I'm having issues on step 2 of the README.txt when trying to build fs2_open. I run the and then when I run make I get.

cfile/cfilearchive.cpp: In function ‘int cfread_lua_number(double*, CFILE*)’:
cfile/cfilearchive.cpp:252:34: error: ‘LUA_NUMBER_SCAN’ was not declared in this scope
  int items_read = fscanf(cb->fp, LUA_NUMBER_SCAN, buf);

I am on Arch Linux and am currently up to date

My System is
CPU:  i7-5960X
ram: 16G DDR4(don't remember the type off hand)
GPU: nvidia gtx Titan

not sure what else you might need, any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Linux Install Issue making fs2_open
What version of LUA does Arch currently provide? Freespace Open currently needs 5.1, not 5.2 or later.
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Re: Linux Install Issue making fs2_open
ah its 5.3.1. that is probably the issue then.