Author Topic: Released Campaigns to Knossos Project  (Read 672 times)

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Re: Released Campaigns to Knossos Project
Wow, I didn't realize Ascension of Beyond actually had a release.


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Re: Released Campaigns to Knossos Project
@Nightmare, I've got those files. Thanks! I've added them to the list.
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Re: Released Campaigns to Knossos Project
There is also a campaign/mod (VeniceMirror) that is rather recent but still predates Knossos popularity. At some point it was uploaded by Novachen but taken down since.

I never took it down.

But well, you never should mention my name here. I got way too much hate for any bugfixing campaign release by me that kills much of my will of participation in this community.
I never really felt really welcome here in the first place. I am a evil female.

I am sure that these releases here will be much more appreciated because they come from a more popular user.
And because of this, i will take down VeniceMirror after it got another rerelease in course of this project here. It is the least what is left.  :)
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Re: Released Campaigns to Knossos Project
Wow, I didn't realize Ascension of Beyond actually had a release.

I was probably the only person to still have the files ever since I got them in 2009 :lol:

Folder structure:
_FS1_Campaigns - Most are raw (FS1 missions)/dublicates of the already FS2ed campaigns, but not all.
_Missions_FS1 - Uncoverted single FS1 missions
_Missions_FS2 - Single FS2 missions; including the VA for Crossing the Line. Other folders are Multiplayer missions, and "Random" contains what appears to be tech demos from the retail era.

Main folder is FS2 retail campaigns, ~half of them is already uploaded but it might be interesting to check for version numbers.

Note: Filename might be misleading, not all of them are from VW