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Tachyon @ KY LanWar 48

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--- Quote from: JGZinv on January 01, 2011, 03:13:21 pm ---Just pack yourself into a crate and use UPS....  we'll just Return to Sender when done.
--- End quote ---

Yeahhh.... I don't have enough postage though.  :lol:

--- Quote ---You can still play by dropping in from the online lobby while we're there.

--- End quote ---

Seriously doubt if I'll have a fast enough connection for that, but I'll give it a try.

Tach was designed for dialup. Granted you'll probably have some lag compared to a person on broadband,
but it'll be better than trying to play Call of Duty on dialup...

Good luck at the lan, in my experience FPS gamers can be really close minded in terms of playing "old" games. The biggest challenge is getting them to play when there are only a few days to do it, but considering your lanwar is a 3 day event, you'll likely get them to play at least once. So in that sense, I'm rootin for yah!

Oh gee, yes. But you'd be surprised. I once thouroughly impressed one of my past roommates with vanilla FS1... FS1!

However, with a laptop which had no numeric pad, an impatience for remapping keys or the unwillingness to accept that there are a lot of different controls in FS (not to mention that he was horribly frustrated by the training missions) meant that he didn't last too long. Kind of embarassing, really... :p

That said, if you can interest them, your next hurdle would be in getting them to work with the complexity in a good space sim/shooter. At least you're not dealing with a truly archaic control set-up like in programs such as "Elite: Frontier," which is a pain in a half due to the archaic technologies of 1993. Of course, GL Frontier probably wasn't helping things...

TTF luckily has one introductory mission that runs you through the default controls, and about the only key changes I had to make where for the energy management, boost, slide, and lateral thrust controls. :)


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