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Any chance this could be updated to not distort the radar background? In 2d mode the center circle represents 90 degree from the direction the ship is facing and the outer circle is 180 degrees... but with the distortion introduced with this mod, that only holds true for the up-down axis... the radar blips/icons still presume a circular radar plot. Even if I use the -center_res launch option to force a 4:3 ratio for the HUD, the radar background is still distorted horizontally. 3d radar still works as it should... but, of course, doesn't line up with the inner circle of the radar background. For now i'll stick to 3d radar because of that.

EDIT: Upon further testing, it appears that the 2d radar distorts the possition of blips/icons in proportion to the distortion of the radar background. I had tested this previously and determined otherwise... but it seems that my initial testing was flawed. Still... I prefer the 3d radar... shame it looks so much worse with this background

Ive been trying to install this mod in Knossos but keep getting an error that says "Im sorry but you won't be able to install HD HUD for FS2 because MVPS is missing".

I do have MVPS 4.4.2 install according to Knossos I even deleted it and reinstalled and got the same error.

 :confused:Yep... Same thing for me. It's so sad.

Admiral Nelson:
Sorry, I missed the earlier comment.  I've published an update which seems to work fine:


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