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Galactic Federation Remastered


Hello everyone, I'm Radivoj Radivojevic developer of Galactic Federation space sim.
GF is very much inspired by freespace and xwing.
I have created my own engine from scratch, all alone. It took 13 years of work, even tho I started in year 2000 but with breaks.
It have unique dynamic destruction algorithms that no one else on the world have. Its not voxels or voronoi. Its mesh intersection where hole is shaped mesh and it imprint drill.
You can see trailer with 180 low poly ships fighting at once and it have 700 frames per second on a 10 year old computer. And its not even fully optimized.
So I might even put 500 ships in some missions.
My game is coming to early access on october 22. Full will be in 6 months and will have more detail and effects. The visual effects at the moment are not done, I will put better soon. And more diverse sfx such as flybys of ships and blasters. Its basically because I spend all effort on the engine so far so the effects come last. Early access is dog fight only like in trailer, but full will have capitals and campaigns.

Full game will have campaigns totaling over 80 missions of different styles and you will be able to attack capital ships and burn through their hulls exposing their decks and machinery. There will be 20 flyable fighter or bomber models to choose from, each having different strength and maneuverability. Full game will have modding tools such as mission editor, ship editor and weapon editor. For modding you will be able to import your own solid meshes of ships and see how they get burned through by blasters. In full game the story will be rich and interesting, and you will have in game encyclopedia that even include secrets of holographic physics, because theoretical physics is my passion and I developed my own theory from scratch.
Also Im gonna make Mech Warrior type game with this destruction engine.

Check out the trailer and tell me what you think.
Whishlist the game and tell your friends.

The project sounds interesting but the trailer is really, really not doing you any favors. It shows nothing but a very barebones space battle that doesn't really show much off besides the damage mechanics. The huge cluster of fighters looks like a swarm of bees as opposed to a chaotic furball of fighters dogfighting eachother.

Maybe a better way to prepare a trailer is to show off some actual mission gameplay. This is the main Freespace community, you can easily get some ideas from one of the many mods that litter this site. Open FRED and check out some of the missions and how they're designed. Or hey, if you're feeling lazy you can just script some makeshift mission together and make it *look* like it's an actual, fully fleshed out mission. Anything of that sort would make for much better trailer material.

I know marketing/presentation might not seem that important compared to making the game good, but remember that lack of marketing is what killed Freespace.

Hello radivoj, good to see you here.

Out of curiosity, will there be a non steam non DRM version? Sounds pretty cool in any case. Will there be more campaigns then in the 2004 game?



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