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Plot-wise, at the time of Inferno:  Nostos, how close is the Icanus to completion?

Icanus is not confirmed in new Nostos continuity so far. If it appear, it's unlikely to be somekind of insane warship but perhaps something more sophisticated.

Does that mean the original Gigas plans for Inferno could get changed too?  IIRC the original plan was for a superjuggernaut Icanus to be used a response to a superjuggernaut Gigas.

We certainly don't want stupid superjugg vs superjugg battle as old Inferno was supposed to portray. Future of Icanus is uncertain at this point, but Gigas is more likely to happen. If we decide to introduce Gigas, it will be something more then just oversized warship hellbent on destroying Earth.

Let me say it this way: High-poly asset for Gigas exist and it's even textured. At this point we're debating how to introduce this thing to Nostos timeline, but plans are loose. We're focused on upgrading Nostos R1 and upcoming Nostos R2.

Well, supercaps are interesting when properly used as plot devices.
One could envision a mission arc where you slowly "starve the beast" by cutting its logistics and depleting its fighter and bomber wings, so that you can finally strike at some subsystem that would enable your fleet a chance...
Rather than sending capital ship after capital ship dragonball-style (or your 21st century equivalent), fabian tactics applied to space war could make for a decent story.

I agree that old inf storyline that consumed more capital ships than pop-corn at a movie theater was over the top (but hey, we were all younger back then!) but Volition made two stellar games with the "big bad ship" theme...


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