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The Gwenyhvar Encounter et Historical Missions

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Hi fekleyrtarg, long time no see.

Out of curiosity, do you have the whereabouts of talon or means to contact him? I’d like to know what happened to his landreich campaign: it was promising.

Colonol Dekker:
One of my favourite bits of WC 1.

Looking forward to trying this out at some point.

Christos ESQ:

--- Quote from: FekLeyrTarg on April 14, 2021, 03:18:10 pm ---Hi,
yes I'm the author of "The Gwenhyvar Encounter", which I originally wrote as some sort of historical mission for "Hostile Frontier". Talon_1024 made a few adjustments to the mission's start, so he's the co-author.

I've since adapted the mission to work with the WC1 Ship Pack which was released for WCSOpen (the Knossos version, see ).
If you're interested, I could upload the mission here.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I have downloaded and installed both of them (the FSO Saga Port and the WCIV Testpack) through Knossos and tho I was able to play (and Mightily Enjoy) Wing Commander Saga both in 2016 when I first became aware of it and late last year for another run through, that was the Stand Alone Version that came out in 2012 and I think finally all patched up in 2015, but it Ran at Full Graphical Settings (on Integrated Graphics I might add) at 60 fps, however the FSO Ports do no seem to work well with my Current Antiquated Set Up even tho I was able to Play Through FS2 and some other mods with the FSO Engine.  As I have since purchased the GOG Version of WCIV (when it was on special for less than Three USD) in preparation for the WCIV Remaster, I think I may just give the OG (or rather the GOG) Version a Run Through provided it's not too Clunky after How Smooth my WC Saga Experience and subsequent FS2/FS2 experience was. When the FPS drops under 30 fps it seems to become almost unplayable and I have no Idea what to expect even attempting the GOG Version of WCIV but I am sure there is a Forum Post on the CIC somewhere about it. And to there I will go Next.  Thanks for Reply and Pardon the Bump, Tut.


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