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The Gwenyhvar Encounter et Historical Missions

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Christos ESQ:
Yeaaah, Sooo... It actually Registered that there was a Mod, and Let me Run the Mod from the Saga Standalone, however as predicted, the WCIV Missions were not listed in the Campaign Room... Unless they were Rewritten over the Prologue Option?  But I didn't Check, I think I read they were suppose to Register as something Other, that said, I kinda feel like something is missing in One of the Folders...

On to the Next, More Labourous Step, Hark!

Here are Screenshots of my two pertinent Folders just in Case:

Well, you did it wrong actually.

But well... it does not matter :/. After i set up both mods properly i found out, that they are not compatible to the Standalone Version (who the hell developed in this way, so that Prologue mods become incompatible?  :banghead:)
So they both are compatible with the old prologue only. So i actually recommend to install Knossos and play both mods through there.
Because i think we are now at a point, where Knossos become easier to fiddle with instead to set up something that is older than the Empire of Kilrah.

Christos ESQ:
Hey, Thanks Novachen ~

I decided to Juice last night instead of Installing Knossus and FSO, which is only Slightly Less Labourious to my Brain Fog Addled State, yet I gather much of what I need  to do from my Forum Reading can all be Done from Knossus (Installing the FS2 et FSO.)

After this round of Questions I am going to move my FS2/FSO inquiries to another more appropriate thread, but here goes the Last of my Saga-Related Ponderings.  So it seems that the Initial Historical Missions (the WCIV Tech Demo Campaign) as well as this One Off (?) Gwenyhvar Encounter were created by the WCS Team and Another Mod Maker before the actually release of the Standalone Game in 2007 or so, but then it seems @Admiral Nelson et Team created a Revamped, Refreshed 'WCIV Tech Demo Port' which dates back to 2018.  Okay, so here's my question, keeping in Mind that I am working with an Integrated HD Graphics Adapter (which Handled WC Saga updated and patched with all Graphics Options Pushed to the Max without Issue) but I am thinking something released in 2018 as an Upgrade to WC Saga thru the FSO Engine which tho it worked Swimmingly, I think may have been pushing my Specs to the Limit (I Could Be Wrong, I am Often) - - should I install the latest FSO Build, 3.8.Final, I think that is the Latest I have Read about so Far, and would it be Backward Compatible to the Older Non-Ported 'WCIV Tech Demo' should the Port be Too Much for my Current Set Up to Handle?

Oh, and I am not Surprised that I did it Wrong, as aforestated, I didn't think it was going to be as Easy as Putting a a file in the 'missions' folder and have it come up in Campaign Menu just as it did in the Mission Simulator, but where exactly did I go wrong if you remember, for educational purposes?

And once again, Grazie!

Wasn’t the Gwenhywar mission made by talon back in the day? A pity he dropped out of radar. Hostile frontier was very promising.

Also, I’d love to see more WC1-2 material.

Christos ESQ:
Ah, so Hostile Frontier actually made it to Fruition eh?  I was just thinking some of its Assets were being used for the WCIV Tech Demo.  Also, quick question for you @starlord, so Novachen has been helping me, but I just got off the (I am Assuming Now Defunct) Saga Forum, despite someone posting on there 11 months ago and the 'WCIV Tech Demo' is actually the Only Other Download other than the Prologue and the Main Campaign.  Have you any experience with Tech Demo, particularly running it via the Saga Standalone Build?

I'm going to get FSO via Knossus to broaden my Horizons ne'ertheless, but given that the Download for the WCIV Tech Demo is actually on the Saga Site, and it one of Three Downloads, methinks it must work with the Standalone Game.  Then Again, I've been Wrong Before -

Also, what about Hostile Frontier via Saga Standalone?  They have a Mods Tab on the WCS Launcher, there has to One that Shows Up in the Campaign Menu or Some Other Way, without much Fuss.

But to answer you question, rather posing multiple of my own, according to the youtube clip it was indeed made by @Talon_1024 et @FekLeyrTarg.  And if you given it a run through, do let us know which version of Saga you ran it on.  Danke Shoen ~


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