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inferno will no longer install

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Hi guys, for some reason i can no longer install Inferno. I tried to install the latest update on Knossos and i keep getting this error at 97% "An error has occurred during Installation. Please run integrity check or uninstall and reinstall"

So i did the integrity check and then i get "the following packages are invalid, packages INF_maps 1 to 4, INF_models, INF_radaricons and INF_audio. So i deleted everything and did a fresh install but i keep getting these errors.

Sounds like a Knossos issue.  I'll ping ngld

I have the same problem!

Yep...just ran into that while getting today's update :/

Mito [PL]:
This might mean that for some reason the checksums for packages in Nebula might be broken? Are you able to launch the game regardless?


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