Author Topic: Cant find Inferno release 2...  (Read 2252 times)

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Cant find Inferno release 2...
I got to
The links for Inferno downloads have release 1 and 2.
Release 1 works good. But the release 2 which is found
doesnt have any links to download. Can someone fix it or link me to a different mirror for the release 2 version?
and also, does the Inferno campaign have voice briefing? or do you have to read it?
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Re: Cant find Inferno release 2...
Um... Release 2...... is not out yet.  Read a few of the last thread titles in the Inferno thread. (Just saving you the trouble, Woo :p)

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Re: Cant find Inferno release 2...
R2 isn't out yet and the proper Inferno website is here:

The 3DAP one is abandoned.