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This thing looks totally awesome.  Keep it up!
<Nuclear>   truth: the good samaritan actually checked for proof of citizenship and health insurance
<Axem>   did anyone catch jesus' birth certificate?
<Nuclear>   and jesus didnt actually give the 5000 their fish...he gave it to the romans and let it trickle down
<Axem>and he was totally pro tax breaks
<Axem>he threw out all those tax collectors at the temple
<Nuclear>   he drove a V8 camel too
<Nuclear>   with a sword rack for his fully-automatic daggers

Esarai: hey gaiz, what's a good improvised, final attack for a ship fighting to buy others time to escape to use?
RangerKarl|AtWork: stick your penis in the warp core
DarthGeek: no don't do that
amki: don't EVER do that


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Re: GVB Hathor [Released]
Thanks esarai!
Model's released, see first post.


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Re: GVB Hathor [Released]
Very nice
Holy Crap. SHIVANS! Tours

Re: GVB Hathor [Released]
Good bye palette-swapped Sekhmet "Elite", hello GVB Hathor :)