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Colonol Dekker:
I just know it as our old patrol plane.  Might be that simple?  Sounds like a flyby scan poked it metaphorically..

Mito [PL]:
I have a feeling that if we consider the nemesis/bear be a metaphor to a Sathanas, this might be a transcript of a observation session using subspace instruments... one that had gotten remotely zapped by something within it. I presume they're at awe of whatever is inside it.

“Emendation,” is an odd choice of word. Had to look it up because I think I’ve run into it before but not often enough to know the meaning well.  It is mostly used in the sense of making corrections to a document or text. The idea is to make improvements in classification or removal of error.

--- Quote from: اَلشَّاهِين on August 03, 2022, 02:39:43 am ---
--- Code: ---
NIMROD pinged nemesis, pre-hop spool, tracking multiple emendations.
Magnetometers show her shadow. She’s close enough to reach out, my Gods.

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---
And then:

--- Quote from: اَلشَّاهِين on August 03, 2022, 02:39:43 am ---
--- Code: ---
Emendation panic, Bearhowl communing entry. Attempting to blow duct, stand by,

--- End code ---

--- End quote ---
Having trouble reconciling my understood meaning for “emendation”
with how it is being used. “Textual correction panic?” “Reclassification panic?”  The choice of word is conspicuous enough I feel like there should be some meaning to it.

But, if I had no idea what the word meant and we’re going purely from context, “Tracking multiple emendations,” sounds like it is talking about tracking something that the enemy is doing. If it is subspace-related (references to N-space make me think it is), possibly it even sounds kind of like tracking connections or subspace gate endpoints as they are being formed or dissolved.

Assuming Nimrod is Bosch and the Shivan are nemesis, i think the emendations refer to the Shivans finding out that Bosch can talk to them and rewriting their plans accordingly (like by creating Ken).


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