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2 new Narn fighters

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Getter Robo G:
Hiya folks. I always felt the narn got the short end of the stick combat wise so I asked Whitestar (From Klingon Academy) if I could convert 2 of his fighters.

  Presenting the Narn Gorith Bomber and Toreth Interceptor

I had a tiny problem with the thruster glows on the Toreth... you can only see them from a 45 degree rear angle???? Wierd. anyone care to look at it?

  I love the Gorith, it's a heavy bomber with
 a missile volley of 8 tubes at once but only primary guns.

  The Toreth is the opposite, it has no secondaries however it has a fast firing primary set and a slower more powerful starndard set. It's tri-engine configuration enables it to meet the enemy ahead of battle formations or to chase down bombs.

  Do the Powers That Be [PTB (TM)] give these ships a yea or nay for inclusion to R3?  ;7

As you know, TBP is much more open to the possibility of including work donated by "non team members". Personally I see anyone who is modding B5 for SCP as a team member and give them equal respect. As such I'd like to have a look at the models with a view to hopefully including them if they are up to scratch. Please can you send them to [email protected] . One thing though. What does you your friend from the Klingon Academy mod think about including these models in TBP R3?

In any event. Good work.

Right. Previously we weren't open to including work of non-team members to the project, even more against it if it was about converted models from some other game/mod.

That was mainly because usually converted models sucked in quality. We have since changed our policy to be more open. However we will still examine carefully whether its up to the quality of rest. :) And of course we also need to be sure that the original creator gives his/her permission.

If they turn out to be good then that will be two less we would have to do.:D

Indeed.   The only thing I would be wary of is the fact that the person posting these isn't the person who made them, which makes me a little uneasy I'll admit.


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