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Yet again more stuff...

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New thrusters this time.

Click here to download.

EDIT: Forgot the modified aurora.

Will this work without the Babylon mod?

But it was made specifically FOR the B5 mod.

Trivial Psychic:
What's up with that background?  Whatever it is, its causing the planet to get a black outline.

Deepblue, finally you have actually hit the bull's eye. Can you please try to do your best in updating all R2 thruster effects? I am sure there is room for improvement. As far as I can remember, we're still using R2 thruster effects at the moment...

Please leave the weapon effects for now, I don't want you to do it for nothing since we have Lightspeed working on them. Lets look at the weapons effects issue again when we're actually looking at what Lightspeed has managed to pull off. Thank you.


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