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A Narn-Centauri War Campaign

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I have a couple of questions,
have you guys worked on any cargo containers, weapons platforms, and the centauri and narn space stations/outposts. You can see from the title that this is concerning an idea for a centauri-narn war campaign. Unfortunatly there is only so much that I can work on right now. Because all that is availiable are the two cruisers and battle ships.

Secondly, is there anyone out there interested in Fredding a few missions?

Both Narn and Centauri stations are WIP. Narn defense platform is finished but nobody has yet begun working on Centauri blockade mine, same with any other cargo pods except EA. Actually there is just one cargo pod done at the moment but these are pretty easy to make, it's more of matter of  time if these gets done anytime soon.

I am afraid only new Narn or Centauri ship that gets done to R3.0 is Narn defense platform (or was it in R2?), Primus and maybe Scarab.

Presumably R3.1 will bring you Octurion, T'Loth, Rutarian, Gorith, Toreth and both Centauri and Narn stations.

For what stands WIP?

Work In Progress.

well the main ones are that are key to the campaign I have in mind are the defensive platforms and bases and cargo containers. a narn transport would be great also. I could use the heavier cruisers and battle ships but these were rare in the original series and would be somewhat rare in a campaign. they would be present especially in missions involving attacks on planets.


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