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Colonol Dekker:
I think this will surpass BTRL, dunno why, call it a hunch.

I'll try to be honest with this one.

First of all I'm happy because we can finally see a great BSG mod here on HLP. Although GW is a nice site HLP is the most active and important one. I didn't like the fact that GW visitors interested on BtRL, by looking at the inactive FS related threads, could think of the FS community as a dead one(BtRL and a few other projects excluded). So, Diaspora will bring here a lot of potential members and show them what the FS community is really capable of.

I don't like the fact that the original BtRL team split up, however. Looks like most members joined Diaspora, thus leaving BtRL with poor chances of survival. The forums on GW are dying and that mod has rapidly lost momentum - it's on the verge of the abyss. This is far from being good. I hard believe no one else agrees with me. I wonder if a split was necessary. Now there will be two teams attempting to do similar(if not the same) things...  :ick:

I wish you luck with the mod. I hope it'll be a great one! :D

The Starfox mod on its own could keep a lot of people interested in Game-Warden. They've got a lot of very cool stuff going on in their internal. :)

Yeah, but what has recently happened to BtRL is sad... :(

TBH, I'm kind of shocked that this happened. What kind of conflicts are you guys talking about with the BtRL team? I mean, from my perspective, it just seems like you guys didn't get your way so you stopped playing and made your own game.

It just seems kind of childish...

But I wouldn't know. I didn't see what happened, so I'm not one to comment at all.


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