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About the Colonial warheads...

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Beautiful render at your main website of the Colonial warheads, and I thank you for them.

I noticed that one looks distinctly like a bomb.  Am I correct on this, and if so, are we going to have battles over the surfaces of planets?  And if there are surface battles, will the bomb behave according to gravity and be influenced by wind and whatnot? 

That would be pretty mind blowing!   

Keep up the great looking work.


That bomb is the Colonial nuke we saw in S1 finale, or a close approximation of it. Yea, it looks kinda WW2 but that's pretty much how it was in the show too.

Ahh, so that's what it is.  Thanks for the clarification. 


It actually looks much like a contemporary iron (dumb) bomb, apart from having somewhat swept-forward wings. Modern real nuclear weapons have a distinctive shape to them (at least American weapons such as the rather archaic B57 or the newer B61).

Here's a good question though, as seen on the Tyllium processing plant raid in the first season, Adama uses conventional weapons in a "tossing" manner to blow the facility-a maneuver which requires some degree of gravity. Would it be possible for large objects, such as asteroids/small moons (something large but not so large that FreeSpace can't simulate it) or even some vessels to have gravitational affects? These affects might not neccessarily affect the spacecraft as its artificial stability system might appear to make that gravity negligable... unless you want a full-blown semi-Newtonian gravity model. Which in most cases is unlikely. But then again, you never can tell...

As far as OTHER weapons go (not to move too far from topic), I've noted that there has been some discussion in the past pertaining to what possible weapons the "Blackbird" could carry without straying too far from canon. As seen in show (I've not seen that episode), the ship does not seem to have a gun/cannon of sorts. Would it be possible for the vessel to carry a single/twin MEC-A6 gunpod in place of a heavy weapon missile?


I dont think such gravity effects are possible, at least not on asteroids and such. A coder/scripter could answer that question better though.

As for Blackbird's armament, the only weapons we've seen here carry were the missile Lee used in taking out the Resurrection ship's ftl. Since the ship's unique, and we ever only saw her being flown three times (I think), I dont think there's much room for us to make such armament changes. It doesn't even make much sense, the Blackbird clearly isn't a dogfighter and would have little use for guns.


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