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2010-12-12 - Music for Diaspora

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You'll have already heard some of PhRey's work BTW as we used it for the 3rd Diaspora Trailer. :)

Just listened to the preview several times and I must say that it is very good. I am very interested in listening to the whole thing when released.
In my opinion some of the clips are too short to get a good feel for the music, so I'm curious how they play out.

Will be listening.

Very nice work. It's immersive! :yes:

[Edit by Shade] Until the new HLP theme is done, please use a less invisible colour when commenting here :)

EDIT: Fine.  :D

I liked the sky blue letters on powder blue background. In that case I had the choice to read it or skip it. I thought it was great.

Thank you all, and also for the numerous emails and MP, thank you for your support ;o) very appreciated !


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