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Yup. One extra set. I was originally going to have five sets, but I felt that five was a bit decadent.

gotta test this tonight.


--- Quote from: bigchunk1 on October 16, 2011, 11:15:37 pm ---Edit: Wow, that looks a little scary. Like a living creature or something. Certainly a unique take on shivans.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, it looks like a bug - that kind of bug that even gives a grown up man a short shiver of primal fear at the first look. ;)
I like that organic, insectoide style for the Shivans. Compared to the utilitarian style of the Humans and the streamlined style of the Vasudans it's Alien. 

Woolie Wool:
I prefer the jagged "technology gone Horribly Wrong" style of FS1 Shivans. It's obviously metallic and technological but extremely unsettling and alien.

Looks fantastic--this community has built itself a tremendous hoard of riches, particularly with the Shivans of late.  Juggernauts for all!


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