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Small Nitpick: There's a part on the glow map that looks a bit unnatural to me. I was examining the model, but couldn't figure out where the highlighted glow is "projected" from. It's not in any direct line of sight of any of the red glowy "windows", as far as I can tell.

Did anyone else notice this?

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Well, it had to have come from somewhere. Is it in view of the  engines? I know they cast a big glow on the front legs.

I was actually wondering if the lights placed for the red slit right under it might have been too high or bleeding thru the geometry. The glow might be coming from the engines as well, but parts of the hull closer to the flame/light are dark.


--- Quote from: Betrayal on October 20, 2011, 01:46:28 pm ---I tested the latest version with fixed main beams. It seems to work! Look at this, he's just slayin' my capships :D


--- End quote ---

I absolutely love the Sathanas in these shots, great model. I also love the color effect (or lack of) in these shots, are those specific for "shadow genesis" or are you using specific shaders? Can't really tell if it's just the backdrop that gives it this unique feeling or if there are specific shaders at work ;)

Its just the background. SG has no dedicated shaders.


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