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I like to recreate the voices to localize it in Italian.

To do it I need to known what are male and what are female voices.

I have opened the file message.tbl and I see it:

$Persona:   Turbo
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Obit    
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Hammer
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Shadow
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Flask
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Crispy
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Harridan ;Theseus CAG
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot1 ;Princess
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot2 ;Glutton
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot3 ;Thief
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot4 ;Duke
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot5 ;Orphan
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    GenericPilot6 ;Reptile
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    Raider
$Type:       wingman

$Persona:    RaptorPilot
$Type:       support

$Persona:    ReconRaptor
$Type:       large

$Persona:    Large Ship
$Type:       large

$Persona:    Colonial Command
$Type:       Command

the most easy way that I was think is play the ogg files inside voices folder, but these files seem work only inside a game if I try to play with an external reader (or ffmpeg.exe for example) the files don't play I don't known why ... generally I use ogg files without problems.

I see some situation with the most of the other fresspace voice files.

Attached one sample file.

can you help me ?

[attachment eaten by a Shivan]

VLC is working fine with OGG files.

VLC will definitely work as Nightmare said, and if you want an audio-focused program, try foobar2000 or Winamp (WA released a newer beta a few months back).

You should also be able to just use FRED. Open the event editor, click new message and then just choose from Wave file.

I can't remember if FRED can deal with files in a VP file though. If it can now, that has the advantage of not needing to extract the files.

Does FRED have the ability to play the soundfile itself? If not it could be a neat feature.


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