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OSX intel IGP 3D crash at commit


Can't get any 3D out of the game on mid-2011 macbook air, probably affects all macs without real gfx card.
Game intro works, character selection, briefing, voiceover etc work, but when I "commit" it crashes.
Couldn't find any combination of advanced settings to get 3D.

--- Quote ---Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib           0x999469c6 __pthread_kill + 10
1   libsystem_c.dylib                0x94ae4f78 pthread_kill + 106
2   libsystem_c.dylib                0x94ad5bdd abort + 167
3   0x08dee547 glrAppleSyncState + 543
4   0x08dee126 GHALSendPrimitive + 300
5   0x08e3cf4d glrEndPrimitiveBufferUseDataBuffer + 129
6   GLEngine                         0x08c1def1 gleRenderPrimitiveTCLFunc + 297
7   GLEngine                         0x08ba3d5a gleDrawArraysOrElements_ExecCore + 1284
8   GLEngine                         0x08b99fb1 glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex_IMM_Exec + 363
9   libGL.dylib                      0x9ab0eb3c glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex + 72
10  FS2_Open-Inferno                 0x000b6c83 0x1000 + 744579
... snip ...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, the game requires an actual graphics card to run, probably at least a decent one, although it runs all right on my mid-2010 MBP (NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256MB VRAM). As such, it's unlikely to run on a MacBook Air. Sorry about that.

That's a bummer.

Could it perhaps at least crawl at minimum gfx settings / windowed or whatever?

According to notebookcheck, ivy bridge hd 4000 should be on par with the nvidia you mentioned, so my air is probably twice slower?

Is there some particular OpenGL feature that game uses that intel IGP or its OSX driver just doesn't have?

The details are beyond my knowledge of how the graphics works, but I'm pretty sure that even if you got the game working on your machine, it wouldn't be playable, due to graphical glitches and/or a very low framerate.

I've played using an late-2007 iMac that had an actual graphics card but it wasn't quite up to par, and with the low framerate that resulted (under 20 FPS), the game was marginally playable at best, definitely not fun to play though.


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