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Moving savegames and profiles

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Hey Guys.  Stunning, awesome game.  Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

Quick question, how do I move savegames (campaign progress) and perhaps launcher settings (profiles) from one installation to another (on a different PC)?


Just copy your Diaspora/data/players folder over.

As for launcher settings, I do not know what wxLauncher uses.


But be careful if you're moving to a folder that already has wxLauncher cause Diaspora shares that folder with the non-Diaspora version of wxLauncher.

Sounds like a major default of wxLauncher, if the launcher data is shared between all the launchers, since you need one launcher for FS2-based mods and another one for each standalone...

I guess I'll keep to 5.5g for the time being :nervous:

There are plans for a portable mode of wxLauncher but of course no ETA for it. Moving data from %AppData% to %AppData% is something of a hack.


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