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White Screen When Loading Briefing

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I'm expereincing a white screen, and eventual crash when I try to load the briefing stage. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still no success. If i'm thinking of the right mod, I beleive I played the demo tutorial a few years ago with no problem; however, i might be misremembering. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks for building the game, makes me so upset to see SyFy sitting on their hands with such a great IP!

Mmm, maybe you played BtrL.

EDIT: Someone else has this issue, read here:

So, they are probably going to want your debug log.

BTRL was the game I played, that was killing me. The other post was on the Mac and he was getting it when launching the game versus actaully launching a mission.

Regardless, they will want your debug log.  Eh, picture calling your mechanic and telling him your car isn't starting.  Without more information than that, he's going to be shooting in the dark.

All we know about your case ATM is:

1) The screen turns white
2) after briefing is attempted to be loaded
3) eventually it crashes

Are you using INTEL integrated graphics? Diaspora won't run on a system using that.


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