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Iain Baker:
Quick question - are you planning on putting this up on ModDB?

The novelization is delightfully horrifying. It gives the events in the game so much more context.

Iain Baker:
I have been playing this recently.  :) Definitely a big improvement over vanilla, and adds a dose of sorely needed challenge - even posthumam warrior difficulty is too easy on Vanilla. It causes a few funny graphical glitches - the nanosuited Cell troops have a tendency to freeze in mid air when they die, but they cease being physical objects so you can clip through them.  :lol: Unfortunately my play through has hit a brick wall - the dreaded Semper fi or die bug which Crytek never bothered to fix.  :banghead: I have restarted the chapter with and without the mod but it keeps happening  :mad:. Can I ask a small favour? Does anyone know how to get past this bug, and if not, does anyone have a save file with the levels completed they are willing to share, then I could start from the next chapter ‘Corporate collapse’. Many thanks in advance  :)

General Battuta:
Is that the stupid bug where the prompt to take the weapon doesn't appear?

Iain Baker:

--- Quote from: General Battuta on February 23, 2021, 11:45:50 am ---Is that the stupid bug where the prompt to take the weapon doesn't appear?

--- End quote ---

Nope, a whole other stupid bug where ceph shots appear out of thin air and nothing happens.  :p Same one as in this video from nine years ago because the devs couldn’t be arsed to fix it despite it being encountered by a lot of people.


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