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It's the devil!

Iain Baker:
This is great from a technical perspective, and obviously has taken a lot of work, but I’m concerned it deviates a little too far from the base model for such an iconic and important ship. For a start, it objectively conflicts with pretty much every cut scene, briefing animation etc that shows the lucifer, and some of those cutscenes have been remade relatively recently.

Subjectively it also makes it look more like the FS2 era ‘spiky’ ships. This is good in some ways - consistency for a start - but I quite liked how the original lucifer had a design aesthetic that was subtly different from the other Shivan ships - lots of curves, very few straight lines, body sections that were near spherical, only spikes being the devil horns etc. This (for me at least) helped sell the idea that even by Shivans standards the lucifer was something special, possibly unique. By making it look closer to the other Shivan capital ships it makes it look like ‘just another destroyer’.

If I had the modelling skills I would have taken a more conservative approach - much like you did with the superb demon. Sorry if I’m coming across negative, that is not my intention, as technically this is outstanding work. I’m just concerned it may run contrary to the fine work of other creators and thus get some people’s backs up, which considering some of the HLP drama we have all seen in the last few months, is probably best avoided. Just my two cents.

Maybe it transforms like the SDF-1? :P

I always did like the fan idea that shows up in a few fan campaigns that Shivan ships "evolve" new capabilities and designs based on the needs of the moment. Either way it's not too much of a big deal for me personally. 

Trivial Psychic:
Could be a Capella-era Lucifer 2.0?


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Textures are probably going to do more to define how it looks and fits than the geometry. The blue/violet component in the greys of the Lucifer's textures was always something that set it apart greatly (except form the Mephisto, that purple little imp  ;) ), made it look brighter and stand out a bit more. (Granted that often doesn't get to play right because of lighting conditions because "it space. it dark".)


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