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Proposal of help for the balancing of weapons and ships.

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At "The E" :

"HLP discord"?

ok can i see an invitation please?
and where can I download "Knossos", precisely?

"but it also makes it very hard to see what you actually changed."

while waiting for the conversion of my modifications here is what I modified:

* ai.tbl:
 - almost all of the data.

* Ai_profiles.tbl:
 - $ Player Countermeasure Life Scale
 - $ AI Countermeasure Firing Chance
 - $ Player Damage Factor
 - $ Player Subsys Damage Factor
 - $ Predict Position Delay
 - $ AI Turn Time Scale
 - $ Glide Attack Percent
 - $ Circle Strafe Percent
 - $ Glide Strafe Percent
 - $ Max Aim Update Delay
 - $ Player Autoaim FOV

* ships.tbl
 -line "+ Type:" to "+ Missile Banks:"
 -line "+ Reorient Max Forward Vel:" to "+ Reorient Max Rotate Angle:"
 -line "$ Density:" to "+ Glide Accel Mult:"
 -line "$ Allowed PBanks:" to "SBank Capacity:"
 -line "$ Power Output" to "$ Countermeasures:"

* weapons.tbl
 -line "+ Description:" to "+ Tech Description:"
 -line "@Laser Length:" to "$ Cargo Size:"
 -line "+ Weapon Range:"
 -line "$ Allowed PBanks:" to "SBank Capacity:"
 -line "$ Power Output" to "$ Countermeasures:"

 -line "+ Description:" to "+ Tech Description:"
 -line "$ Mass:" to "$ Outer Radius:"
 -line "$ Armor Factor:" to "$ Lifetime:"
 -line "$ Cargo Size:"
 -line "+ Turn Time:" to "+ Min Lock Time:"
 -line "$ Weapon Hitpoints:"

there you have it, overall :)

so, the Diaspora team are interested in my mod?

The E:
Here's a discord link

ok, thanks Tke E :) ; I will come to your Discord next week !

have a good weekend and have a good game !


--- Quote from: Anardil on May 20, 2021, 02:47:12 pm ---At Karajorma :

ok, so Diaspora is still developing?
and are you very interested in my mods?
or can I make a list of my proposals for the game mechanics?

--- End quote ---

Diaspora is still in development. In fact, the pace of development has increased recently. I'm definitely interested in mods to the game if they are popular with the wider community. Get stuff working with Knossos, see what the other players think and then we can talk some more about whether to make things official.

at Karajorma:

ok, thank you for these clarifications Karajorma :)
and you, did you take the time to play around with my mods for Diaspora?


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