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For your consideration: PBR texture conversions (Rakshasa)

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I like the spruced up textures! :yes:


--- Quote from: manwiththemachinegun on August 29, 2021, 04:47:28 pm ---Apologies if this is pointless commentary as the ships aren't finished. The textures look fine, but in the newer work the Shivan ships looks like they lose some of their shadows/darkness? Which makes them to my eyes seem a bit less intimating. Shivan ships have a very nice "deathly black and red neon out of the shadows" look that really adds to their dread. I'm no expert on anything, but to my casual eye its what I notice.

--- End quote ---
Black is pretty much impossible in current FSO revisions. It's an issue that our artists discussed several times in the past. What's supposed to be black appears grey, because black is technically not a color. Black is lack of light. When any light is being cast on any surface that's actually black on bitmap, it turns it grey... Sometimes far beyond the point we would like it to. Black appears on PBR textures only in shadow or with very dim settings.

It's not really an issue our team can adress. If you want darker result, adjust your lighting settings accordingly.

Deep blacks is also, I believe, an issue of the tonemapper the shaders use. I'm working that(or was and will be, at least) too, and will be interested to see what the FSU decides to do afterwards.


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