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Singh: I wanted to have that "Terran" destroyer destroyed as soon as possible, so that might've spilled over into you getting pummelled too. I probably tweak that.

Goober: Haha! :p

There was some problem with the player-not-use-ai or something. You even PM'd me to see if I could not use it. Which I eventually did, and nothing was really lost.

i finish the campaign, and it was funnys as hell, nice job...........

Brilliantly done! :lol:

Spoiler:And Axem continues his crazy tradition of music in-game... with YMCA!

Spoiler:I loved the disco mission, the fighter shapes were excellent.  Very funny campaign.

I have a problem with a mission.

Spoiler:That YMCA mission where Not Derek Smart appears - when it fades it allways failed.


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